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    Quality soil in male gardener hands, cultivated dirt ground for organic gardening and agriculture
    Premium Products

    Premium Organic Compost

    Carbon Plus Compost is aged for a minimum of 15 weeks. Temperature, turning and water addition records are maintained for the entire composting period to ensure compliance with strict quality standards. These operating practices ensure the maturity and quality of the product is not compromised.

    Each batch/windrow is sampled and stringently tested to ensure the Australian Standard AS4454 standard is achieved, ensuring the highest of product quality and providing the end user with peace of mind.

    The Carbon Plus Compost process has been inspected and passed by Freshcare officers.

    Premium Products

    Premium Organic Compost Plus

    For those with specific agricultural and nutritional needs in their soils, Carbon Plus Compost offers a designer blended compost:

    Our aged, organic compost is enhanced to suit the specific, individual needs of each application.

    We add and blend prior to delivery, saving on your on-farm application costs – you only spread one product.

    Depending on crop / soil requirements we offer additives such as:

    • Enhanced Nitrogen
    • Enhanced Gypsum
    • Enhanced Phosphorus.
    Clean soil for cultivation. The potting soil or peat is suitable for gardening and is one of the four natural elements. The land is life for our planet earth. Selective Focus.
    Farmers hands on fertile soil ground, man appreciate nature and environment
    Premium Products

    Fully Composted Mulches

    Carbon Plus Compost offers a fully composted Mulch. The product comprises of the 16mm+ fraction from the compost screening. The mulch is then further processed to formulate our fully composted organic mulch.

    Carbon Plus Compost Mulch is spreader compatible, for ease of handling and on-farm application.

    Ideal for mulching orchard trees such as:

    • Avocado
    • Mango
    • Citrus
    Premium Products


    For soils that have a silicon deficiency, CARBON PLUS COMPOST introduces Silicon Plus Compost. This product has the benefits of our premium compost with the added benefits of:

    • A high silicon graded ash to 10mm.
    • Added trace elements
    Agriculture field on spring time. Agricultural background
    For all your composting & mulching needs.

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